Ashtanga yoga was created by Sri K Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009), together with his teacher Sri Krishna Macharia in the city of Mysore, India. It consists of 6 series, or sequences of asanas (postures) where we coordinate breathing, movement (with vinyasa beads) and gaze (drishti).

It is a dynamic and intense practice, where we will work on strength, flexibility and balance while calming the mind, the nervous system, eliminating toxins and purifying the body.

Mysore-style classes follow the traditional Ashtanga teaching style, where each student learns the series at their own pace with the help of the teacher. It's like an assisted self-practice, which becomes a moving meditation. Being completely personalized, it is open to all levels, including people who have never practiced before. ​


In this workshop we will get in pairs to learn to give a Thai massage using different techniques and using our body weight and a good body position, to do it without getting tired and without injuring ourselves. Giving a massage then, becomes like a meditation.

We will also learn to be perceptive and read the other person's body to adapt the intensity of the massage, as well as how to communicate in order to give a pleasant, relaxing and therapeutic massage. Afterwards we will change roles and receive the massage.

Thai massage is done on the floor, on a tatami. We use our weight to exert pressures and manipulations with different parts of the body (thumbs, palmar pressure, forearms...) We do not use oils and the person receiving the massage is dressed.


Yoga Trapeze is a type of hanging Yoga, perfect to decompress the spine, work with our balance and strengthen the upper body. It also supports the soothing of back pain and stress, and strengthens the musculature. We will be performing inverted postures, Aerial Yoga postures, passive extensions of the spine, core work, strengthening of the posterior chain and balance.

Suitable for all levels.


A special workshop about the upside-down parts of Yoga. After a warm-up, we will be working with the physical consciousness and doing alignment exercises. You will learn how to do headstands, tripod-handstands, forearm-balances, tuck handstands, straddle handstands or push handstands.

Suitable for all levels.


A rather entertaining, creative and didactic workshop, where we will explore partner Yoga as pairs or as group. We will be doing group warm-up, trust dynamics with contact and tactile sensations. We will be practising easy postures of acrobatics and stretching in pairs.

Suitable for all levels.

By giving all our attention to the breathing and letting us being carried by the sound of the sea, we will calm our mind and return to the present without worrying about the past or the future for some moments. This practice helps us to be more present and develop our attention. Meditating 15 minutes every day has multiple benefits, like the soothing of stress, improving the concentration and balancing of our emotions.

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